Cognionics is an expert in designing and building high-quality, mobile biopotential sensing systems ranging from non-contact ECG harnesses to high density dry EEG headsets. We have served government, university and private customers and our expertise range from design engineering to full service, start-to-finish product integration. Cognionics' proprietary technologies enable us to create complete solutions with industry leading signal quality, comfort, performance and cost. Capabilities include:

  • Custom dry electrode sensor design for any application

  • High-resolution, wireless data acquisition electronics

  • Electro-mechanical integration of circuit boards, wiring and sensors into a wearable harness

  • Integrating high-performance, cost-optimized bioamplifiers and digitizers in a low-power system

  • Embedded electronics design and firmware programming

  • High-density ECG and EEG systems

  • Dry/wet sensor evaluation and testing

  • Analog and mixed signal integrated circuits and sensor design

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