The HD 72 is the first true high density mobile dry EEG platform that supports up to 64 channels plus up to 8 auxiliary channels for other physiological monitoring, such as ECG/EMG/respiration/GSR, etc. The Cognionics platform is made possible by an unique combination of patent-pending sensors, mechanics and electronics. Headset design is critical for dry EEG systems since there is no gel to buffer against contact loss of sensor movements relative to the scalp. Advanced mechanics and precision pressure control in the headset allow for multiple degrees of freedom to conform to the many variations in head shapeand size. It is designed for use with both Drypad sensors (on bare scalp) and Flex sensors (through hair). 

The onboard electronics includes a low-noise EEG amplifier with 120dB of input dynamic range to reliably record signals under real-world conditions. The system contains a patent-pending, continuous impedance measurement circuit to enable contact quality monitoring in real time. All of the sensors are actively shielded to minimize interference from the environment. The Headset supports Cognionics wireless triggering technology for precision time marking of events with minimal latency and jitter.

The system comes with Cognionics own, easy-to-use recording software. Raw data output specifications are also provided for building custom applications.


Channel Count         16, 24, 32 and 64 plus reference, ground, x-y-z motion
Extension Channels     8 optional analog inputs with add-on module for ECG/EMG/respiration/GSR, etc.
Sensor Type     Dry with Active Shielding
Impedance Monitoring     Real-time with EEG acquisition
Bandwidth     0-131 Hz at 500 samples/sec, 0-262 Hz at 1,000 samples/sec
Sampling Rate     500 samples/sec at 64 channels, 1,000 samples/sec at 32 channels & below
Noise     0.7 µV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
Resolution     24 bits per sample
Wireless     Bluetooth, optimized for high speed
Storage     microSD and microSDHC slot
Motion Sensing     3-axis Accelerometer, each axis an additional channel
Power Supply     Lithium-ion, 6-hr Wireless, 10-hr SD Card
Triggering     Compatible with Cognionics wireless trigger
Weight     350 g including electronics and batteries












Video Introduction 


Demonstrations and Applications

Video demonstration of the Cognionics headset under various levels of subject movement, including driving, along with UCSD developed artifact cancellation software.

Cognionics-UCSD Mobile EEG and ASR Demo



Download product data sheet


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