Cognionics Data Acquisition Software Suite

Cognionics mobile EEG systems all come with our Windows based wireless data acquisition software package. The suite contains all the features you need to quickly start conducting advanced neurophysiological experiments.

 Setup and Quality Check

  • Real-time readout of electrode contact impedance and offsets while acquiring EEG
  • Color-coded, graphical map (for headsets) of channel locations, names and contact quality

 Data Acquisition and Filtering

  • High-pass and low-pass filtering
  • Dynamic channel re-referencing

Triggering and Event Synchronization

  • Display and monitoring of codes from the Wireless Trigger Module
  • Manual insertion of event markers via software buttons

Data Output

  • File format compatible with: EEGLAB/BCILAB, Brain Vision Analyzer (and all software packages capable of reading the standard), text file (CSV)
  • Output files include channel-location information for source analysis
  • Integrated real-time streaming to local or networked programs via LabStreamingLayer



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